Summer’s Here

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Summer’s Here bracelet pattern.

A bracelet that says “Summer’s Here!
With only seed beads you create a winding
vine with pretty flowers growing along side.
The color combinations are endless.
I chose pink, purple and white.
Change the colors to your favorites if you want.

Price is for the pattern only!

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All of the bracelets posted here are unique. The pattern instructions include a list of materials with an image and the specifics of the beads that were used in the bracelet. With this information you can easily modify your bracelet to utilize beads that you have on hand by making a comparable substitution. You may uncover something more beautiful than the original. Have fun!

The instructions are in PDF format and assume that you have general knowledge of kumihimo braiding with beads. You will be able to download the pattern once your purchase is complete.

The price is for the instructions ONLY.

1 review for Summer’s Here

  1. Jacki Flade (verified owner)

    I have tried this pattern several times. Each time, two of the beads that belong as part of each flower come out on the wrong side. The dark green spiral comes out as a spiral but then spirals in the opposite direction of the picture. I can’t figure out why. I’ve double checked and rechecked that I’ve placed the beads in the right order and that I am going in only one direction when beading. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help you can give.


      Hi Jacki,
      Been a crazy week and a really crazy day. I’ll look into this pattern. I haven’t heard from anyone about this problem but I truly want to fix it if there is an error when I put it together. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with whatever info I find. Thanks for the heads-up. Carol

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